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Work, my mechanical minions!

I’m a big fan of not doing housework. I have a couple of robots that support me in this: The first is my trusty Scooba, Jacques. Jacques is a rescue pet. Someone was offering him up for free on Freecycle,

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Le Geyser de Merde

(pardon my French) One morning in the fall of 2003 I took a shower, and the drain was slow. The tub filled up a little as I showered. I figured I’d have to clean out some hair or something from

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Electronic Locks

I don’t like locks. I’d much rather live in a world or at least a place in the world where (to reference the old cliché) you don’t have to lock your doors. Partly because I would like to be that

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My Exploding Toilet

(*spoiler alert*: it does not actually explode…quite) I had a pressure-assist toilet. This is the kind of toilet that has a pressure tank inside and instead of the normal “woosh-gurgle-glug” of the flush followed by a somewhat lengthy filling noise

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