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Who made it…really?

Appliances are made by the thousands and millions. In factories in the US and elsewhere. But mostly, they’re all made in the same factories regardless of what name is on the front. When I replaced my ice maker, I bought

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Work, my mechanical minions!

I’m a big fan of not doing housework. I have a couple of robots that support me in this: The first is my trusty Scooba, Jacques. Jacques is a rescue pet. Someone was offering him up for free on Freecycle,

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Le Geyser de Merde

(pardon my French) One morning in the fall of 2003 I took a shower, and the drain was slow. The tub filled up a little as I showered. I figured I’d have to clean out some hair or something from

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Electronic Locks

I don’t like locks. I’d much rather live in a world or at least a place in the world where (to reference the old cliché) you don’t have to lock your doors. Partly because I would like to be that

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My Exploding Toilet

(*spoiler alert*: it does not actually explode…quite) I had a pressure-assist toilet. This is the kind of toilet that has a pressure tank inside and instead of the normal “woosh-gurgle-glug” of the flush followed by a somewhat lengthy filling noise

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