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At some point during the last year, I pulled the dryer out of its spot because the vent hose kept coming off the back. I discovered that this was due to the fact that the vent hose was totally clogged

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Toolsday: Sugru

A tool is a thing for helping you put things together, take things apart, and measure things. Adhesives, lubricants, penetrating oil, tape, solvents…these are all tools, just as useful and important as a screwdriver or a hammer. One of my

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Update: The mixing valve

When the mixing valve fiasco was finished, I knew—deep in my heart—that it was a temporary fix. Really, everything is temporary. But I knew the goo I used was not going to last as long as “real” plumbing. Late in

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Don’t replace your dryer. Ever.

There are very very few actual parts inside a gas dryer. I know, because I’ve repaired or replaced most all of them. Several years ago, a room mate did a bad thing. The lint screen in my dryer pulls out

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The mixing valve.

My shower is a hedonistic wonder. When we remodeled the bathroom, one of the things we did was have two shower heads—with separate temperature controls—installed. One of these also has a diverter that can send water to the shower head,

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