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Toolsday: My Mechanical Screwdriver

It’s not what you would call a basic tool, but I have a mechanical screwdriver. It’s more or less my favorite tool. The Spec Tools Overdriver is like a ratchet screwdriver’s smarter sister. It will work like a regular ratchet

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Update: Z-Wave

As I mentioned, buying a Z-Wave controller/gateway was in my future. Well, it’s tax return season, see. So I ordered a VeraLite Home Controller. This one I linked to comes with a repeater/range extender for the same price as one

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Wireless Babylon

There’s a lot of signals potentially going through my head. The Internet Of Things™: WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, to say nothing of more traditional radio-controlled junk…there’s potentially a lot going on in the airwaves of my house. And that doesn’t even

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Electronic Locks

I don’t like locks. I’d much rather live in a world or at least a place in the world where (to reference the old cliché) you don’t have to lock your doors. Partly because I would like to be that

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