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I Also Want A Hot Shower.

Friday morning I got up as usual, made coffee as usual, got into the shower as usual…and didn’t really realize until my shower was nearly done that the water was…quite warm, certainly, but not actually hot. That’s not cool. I ran

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You Want A Hot Shower.

Hot and cold running water. Almost every house has it. But how? Basically every house has a water heater. A big (35, 40, 50, 60 gallons. Mostly 40 gallons for a single family home) tank of water  with a gas

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At some point during the last year, I pulled the dryer out of its spot because the vent hose kept coming off the back. I discovered that this was due to the fact that the vent hose was totally clogged

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Update: The mixing valve

When the mixing valve fiasco was finished, I knew—deep in my heart—that it was a temporary fix. Really, everything is temporary. But I knew the goo I used was not going to last as long as “real” plumbing. Late in

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Don’t replace your dryer. Ever.

There are very very few actual parts inside a gas dryer. I know, because I’ve repaired or replaced most all of them. Several years ago, a room mate did a bad thing. The lint screen in my dryer pulls out

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The mixing valve.

My shower is a hedonistic wonder. When we remodeled the bathroom, one of the things we did was have two shower heads—with separate temperature controls—installed. One of these also has a diverter that can send water to the shower head,

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