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We interrupt this mostly lack of updates for a brief appeal. Over the summer, a severe wind-and-hail storm damaged the roof of my house. I didn’t know it was storm damage; I just knew there was a leak. I had

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Update: The mixing valve

When the mixing valve fiasco was finished, I knew—deep in my heart—that it was a temporary fix. Really, everything is temporary. But I knew the goo I used was not going to last as long as “real” plumbing. Late in

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Spray hose

The kitchen faucet is a pull-out: the kind of faucet where the faucet head itself (as opposed to a separate sprayer) is on a hose and you pull it out of the body of the faucet when you need to

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My Exploding Toilet

(*spoiler alert*: it does not actually explode…quite) I had a pressure-assist toilet. This is the kind of toilet that has a pressure tank inside and instead of the normal “woosh-gurgle-glug” of the flush followed by a somewhat lengthy filling noise

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