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Kitchen drain clog madness!

My kitchen drain is…complex. The drain pipe comes out of the wall barely lower than the bottom of the sink, and at a weird angle. From there there is a piece of flexible drain that corrects the weird angle (since

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Attacking the root of the problem.

About a month ago, there was a clog in the bathroom drains (not the toilet, but everything else: tub, sink, and the sink in my bedroom which is on the same drain line). It took some effort to get it

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Listen to your house.

Gas-fired hot water heat is an interesting overlapping set of semi-independent systems that work together to keep your house warm. First is the burner. There is a thermostat (called the aquastat to distinguish it from the other kind of thermostat)

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

My heating system is divided into two zones. There are very clever motorized valves that open and close based on the heat demands of the thermostat in each zone. Near the end of last winter, I noticed that one of

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One Fuse to rule them all, and in the darkness blind them.

When my house was built, electricity was a thing. I know this because there are no gaslight pipes, but there are electric wires. Electricity was The Thing To Do. But it was a pretty new thing. I don’t have knob-and-tube

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At some point during the last year, I pulled the dryer out of its spot because the vent hose kept coming off the back. I discovered that this was due to the fact that the vent hose was totally clogged

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Le Geyser de Merde

(pardon my French) One morning in the fall of 2003 I took a shower, and the drain was slow. The tub filled up a little as I showered. I figured I’d have to clean out some hair or something from

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