None of the products I’ve named in this blog have paid me to do so. They don’t even know I exist, as far as I know. I name them because that’s what I used.

However: the links to those products’ pages at Amazon that I place in this blog are there to make me a little money.

I’ve signed up as an Amazon affiliate, which means if you follow a link from here to Amazon and then buy something (even if it’s not the thing I linked to), I get a tiny bit of commission. I expect that over time I’ll soon be making enough money off of that to buy a cup of coffee a month. And not fancy coffee. But every little bit helps, so there you go: Follow the links. Buy things if you’re so inclined. Even if you don’t buy from Amazon they’re a great resource to learn about a thing before you go out and buy it at the local store. (I personally would rather shop locally. But I know most people do shop at Amazon—I do as well from time to time. Also, thousands of local merchants would be hard for me to set up relationships with.)

(Any links to non-Amazon pages are just links. I like linking to other pages, because that’s what the World Wide Web is for.)


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