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Sounds good!

As I said, There are speakers built into the walls of my bedroom, office, and bathroom. I’ve been contemplating what to do about them for quite a while. My first plan was to install┬áthese in each room. They’re very impressive:

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Toolsday: On Tape

There are many different kinds of tape. Because people use tape for many many different things. Knowing what you want to do with tape is the key to using the right tape. Are you trying to hold something together? Or

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Listen to your house.

Gas-fired hot water heat is an interesting overlapping set of semi-independent systems that work together to keep your house warm. First is the burner. There is a thermostat (called the aquastat to distinguish it from the other kind of thermostat)

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

My heating system is divided into two zones. There are very clever motorized valves that open and close based on the heat demands of the thermostat in each zone. Near the end of last winter, I noticed that one of

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Toolsday: This Is Only A Drill

Sometimes, you need to put a hole in something. There are a dizzying variety of drills. Cordless, plug-in, hammer drills, right-angle…enough to make your head spin. To start with, you’re going to want a cordless drill. They have limitations. But

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One Fuse to rule them all, and in the darkness blind them.

When my house was built, electricity was a thing. I know this because there are no gaslight pipes, but there are electric wires. Electricity was The Thing To Do. But it was a pretty new thing. I don’t have knob-and-tube

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Update: Z-Wave

As I mentioned, buying a Z-Wave controller/gateway was in my future. Well, it’s tax return season, see. So I ordered a VeraLite Home Controller. This one I linked to comes with a repeater/range extender for the same price as one

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