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Trust the manufacturer…except don’t always.

My fridge is practically new: November of 2012 The freezer is a drawer on the bottom of the fridge. So there’s this plastic tray/shelf thing below the drawer; the bottom of the cavity in which it sits. About a year

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Toolsday: Only the parts you want to keep

I’m sure it says something deep and meaningful about me that it’s taken me this long to get around to one of the most important tools out there: Protective gear. Partly because I (like most people) tend to be a

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Toolsday: Socket To Me

I’ve already covered two of the basic types of wrenches: Crescent Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches. A third type is the Socket Wrench: The LEGO set of wrenches. A socket wrench is just what you might think it is: a wrench

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Go ahead.

This is sort of the opposite of the post about the laundry chute. Someday soon, I intend to install a cat door in the wall between my bedroom closet and the hall. I know there is nothing dangerous in that

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