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Long time. No see.

What happened? Well…It’s like this: When I started this blog, I was in a period of somewhat better-than-usual financial security and looked to remain in that state for a while. So I was making plans to get caught up with

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Toolsday: On Tape

There are many different kinds of tape. Because people use tape for many many different things. Knowing what you want to do with tape is the key to using the right tape. Are you trying to hold something together? Or

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The Cellar Door

I have a redwood deck. By which I mean I have a deck, made of wood, that someone painted red. It’s not large. Or very useful. It’s most distinguishing feature is that is makes access to the outside door to

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Where did they PUT everything?!

My kitchen was 11′ x 7’6″ as built. At some point (my guess is the 50s) the most pathetic addition ever was built, extending it to 15’6″ x 7’6″ and giving it two cantankerous casement windows in addition to the

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The “Laundry Chute”

Soon after we moved into the house, I stepped into the closet in the master bedroom and the floor felt…odd. The carpet was also a separate piece from the bedroom, and not attached. When we lifted the carpet, we discovered

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Made By Sears

My house was built in 1924. It was manufactured by Sears as far as I have been able to tell: it has all the hallmarks and telltale signs of being a Sears Craftsman Home, anyway. The hextile bathroom floor, the

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