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Hot Stuff!

I have a hot water faucet. I mean, I have a boiling water faucet. I’ve had one for years and years. I love it. But the one I had was getting old. What I had was an Insinkerator HOT1. It

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Cat Door!

Once, I made a post about how I wanted to install a cat door into my bedroom. I said I was going to do that “soon.” Yeah…not so much soon. In the intervening years, I had an inspiration. Then another.

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We interrupt this mostly lack of updates for a brief appeal. Over the summer, a severe wind-and-hail storm damaged the roof of my house. I didn’t know it was storm damage; I just knew there was a leak. I had

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In Hot Water, Part 2

At the beginning of Part 1, I said I’d noticed two things about my furnace at the end of the last heating season. At the end of Part 1 I said the pump would not spin. I was not surprised.

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In Hot Water, Part 1

At the end of last heating season, I noticed two things about my furnace. The first thing was that the pressure relief valve was seeping. That’s not good. But it’s not bad bad, either. These things have a spring in

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Trust the manufacturer…except don’t always.

My fridge is practically new: November of 2012 The freezer is a drawer on the bottom of the fridge. So there’s this plastic tray/shelf thing below the drawer; the bottom of the cavity in which it sits. About a year

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Kitchen drain clog madness!

My kitchen drain is…complex. The drain pipe comes out of the wall barely lower than the bottom of the sink, and at a weird angle. From there there is a piece of flexible drain that corrects the weird angle (since

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