Sounds good!

As I said, There are speakers built into the walls of my bedroom, office, and bathroom. I’ve been contemplating what to do about them for quite a while.

My first plan was to install these in each room. They’re very impressive: three line in inputs plus a jack in the front, line out, all touch panel… I figured I could wire each one up as inputs on the other two and have my music follow me around the house no matter where the source was. Nifty.

Two things convinced me that was a less-than-ideal plan: The first is that while they seem to still be available from retailers, the manufacturer’s web page is defunct and their facebook page is derelict. So support might be a little spotty. The other is that they’re $300 each and I’d need 3 of them. And since they seem to be vanishing I’d sort of need to buy three of them all right now. Nine hundred dollars. Ouch.

Instead I found this. $60 instead of $300. It has one physical input on the back and the same input as a jack on the front. Volume control is an actual analog knob instead of touch controls. And it has a Bluetooth receiver as a second input. So my phone or laptop will play audio to it without having to be plugged into that jack. No line out.

I’ve installed one in the bedroom. There are a couple of annoyances: The LEDs are glaringly bright and the Bluetooth one flashes. Not so good in the room I’m trying to sleep in. I put little squares of foil tape over them; eventually I may hack into the thing and install less bright LEDs or hide them behind some semi-opaque stuff or something. For now I can still see the glowing and flashing faintly through the plastic of the faceplate when the lights are out. And the power is supplied via a short pigtail with a barrel plug socket on the end. Which is fine. But the wall-wart power supply they sent with it has a cord that a: is just barely long enough to reach the basement, and b: has a right-angle plug on the end that is too wide to fit down a conduit. Doh! I bought an extension cable with a straight barrel plug on the end, fed that down the pipe, cut the right-angle plug off the wall-wart and spliced them together. Which also gave me enough length to get to an actual outlet in the basement.

Next will be the bathroom: I think I see where to hack into the one in the bedroom to get audio out from the input of the amplifier section (which would let me send the audio from the Bluetooth out to another one rather than pairing my phone with a huge pile of these things), so I can chain them together easily. Or I may tap into the outputs and use the old volume control from years ago that’s already in the bathroom.

It’s nice to have music in my room again.


A guy in his early 50s, living more or less alone in a 90-year-old house, trying to keep it all together.

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