The future is tomorrow

Don’t assume you’ll get around to it.

When we remodeled the bedroom and my front office, one of the things we did was tear down the wall between those rooms and build it again from scratch.  As part of that, we removed the pipes that led to the attic radiator, which ran through that wall.

The idea was that after the bedroom and office, we would be remodeling other rooms of the house, including eventually the attic, and that remodel would radically change the way the attic looked and functioned, and we would put heating up there that better met the needs of that new space. Underfloor heating of some kind. Either electric or hot water.

Things changed. That phase of the long-term plan never happened. Probably never will, at this point.

So now the attic is unheated.

Don’t do stuff as part of this project that is really part of some future project. Don’t break stuff now just because you want to replace it at some later time. Leave tomorrow’s project completely in the future. If you have to break stuff now to do today’s project (those pipes totally did have to go for the bedroom/office project to work), plan on some sort of long-term interim fix you can do now…just in case. I should have run pipes up to the attic inside some other wall and moved the radiator to another spot in the attic. Even if it looked a little ugly or untoward.


A guy in his early 50s, living more or less alone in a 90-year-old house, trying to keep it all together.

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One comment on “The future is tomorrow
  1. […] any more, because it’s crap. I’d like to rip it all out and redo the whole attic. But (as mentioned) that’s a Big Project. It may happen […]

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