Toolsday: A ready-made toolkit

You’ve seen these. At the Home Improvement Warehouse. At Department Stores. At Big-Box stores. Especially at Christmastime.

The “Home Tool Kit“.


These things…You will never use most of the tools in the kit. Some because they are not needed for anything you happen to need to do. Most because they are probably crap. Because they’re made to hit a price point, not to be a useful tool.

Worse: The all-pink Ladies Tool Kit. Not only are the tools crap, they’re painted pink so they’re not so intimidating to you timid girls; we know how scared you are of doing things with your hands…no, I can’t even say these words without wanting to barf. What condescending bullshit.

Buy real tools. Learn to use them. Use them with confidence. No matter what parts you have in your pants.


A guy in his early 50s, living more or less alone in a 90-year-old house, trying to keep it all together.

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5 comments on “Toolsday: A ready-made toolkit
  1. workwizard says:

    Tell it, brother. if I wanted my hammer to have a pink handle, I’d buy some pink Plastidip and apply it myself. What I really want is to have some confidence the head of my hammer isn’t going to fly off the handle (and possibly me with it) when I’m trying to do something important or useful with it.

    If you’re afraid of a tool, the color probably isn’t what’s striking terror in your heart. If you’re fashion-conscious, the cheapass all-in-one tool kit from Bed Bath and Beyond won’t satisfy your aesthetics, your brand-savvy OR your desire for quality. It amazes me that anybody ever buys that stuff, and I weep for the poor woman who has to pretend to be thrilled with it as a gift.


  2. aedifica says:

    Actually I have one of those tool kits (NOT the pink kind) and it’s worked very well for me over the years–I must be the exception that tests the rule. I’ve had it for more than a decade and it’s helped me do bike repairs, assemble furniture, and various other stuff. I have picked up other tools here and there to supplement, but I haven’t needed to replace anything except the utility knife (because I lost it, not because it broke).

  3. Star Straf says:

    a decent kit is a good ‘moving out’ type of present, gives you a starting set. (Though better would be to goto home depot together and fill a small toolobx. I had one like that in high school where I often took it to someone elses house – having the pre-formed case let me know that I had picked up all my tools.
    Oh and one use for Pink (or any color) is that you can color code locations. Red tool (screwdriver, hammer, whatever) is from the garage. Yellow is from the ‘over washing machine toolkit’ – Pink / Purple / or flowers is from Star’s crafting area

  4. Erik says:

    Interesting. Apparently then (since two of you have had good luck with your ready-made kits) it is possible to find one that is not junk. I’ve never seen one. But then I’ve not looked all that hard, because a: I have too often been at some friend’s house helping them with some project and had to struggle through it with the tools in their kit (Which someone probably bought for them at a supermarket for $20), and b: I’ve never felt the need to buy one either for myself or someone else.

    Do either of you feel that you have gotten your money’s worth out of the kit (as opposed to spending a like amount of money on the tools you actually use from the kit)?

  5. Star Straf says:

    For my old travel kit (which I think got left at moms when I moved out) YES it was worth it if for no other reason then the being able to quickly make sure I had all my tools, take two trips that I left X there and had to replace it (after a frustration of realizing I didn’t have it). But that was also before leathermen which might be the current right option for that situation. Only had maybe two dozen things (Hammer, standard / phillips screwdriver regular and stub and mini, box cutter, long nose pliers, tape measure, level, box of assorted nails / screws, electrical tape,, ..) was perfect for ‘help me move’ type of things

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