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Roof Rodents

A while back, I was up in the attic and heard what sounded like a creature of some kind skittering around on the roof. Except louder. And the cats were suddenly finding the ceiling absolutely fascinating. A few days later

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Toolsday: Socket To Me

I’ve already covered two of the basic types of wrenches: Crescent Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches. A third type is the Socket Wrench: The LEGO set of wrenches. A socket wrench is just what you might think it is: a wrench

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The future is tomorrow

Don’t assume you’ll get around to it. When we remodeled the bedroom and my front office, one of the things we did was tear down the wall between those rooms and build it again from scratch.  As part of that,

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Toolsday: The Hardware Store

It’s not a tool. But it is. Get to know your hardware store. Wander the aisles. Learn what they carry. What the possibilities are. Get to know the people there. If you are fortunate enough to live nearby more than

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At its simplest, a thermostat is easy to understand: it’s a switch that opens when it is warm enough, and closes when it is too cool. The switch controls the heater. When it gets cold, it turns on the heat.

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Toolsday: A ready-made toolkit

You’ve seen these. At the Home Improvement Warehouse. At Department Stores. At Big-Box stores. Especially at Christmastime. The “Home Tool Kit“. Just…don’t. These things…You will never use most of the tools in the kit. Some because they are not needed

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Industrial Standards

If your house is like mine, there are a lot of pipes running through the basement. I’ve got cold water, hot water, radiator water feed and return, and natural gas. And it’s not always obvious which way the flow is

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