Update: Kitchen organization

The wall-o-shelves is completely gone. The rolling cart now has the things left from those shelves that can’t be stored away. There is one very heavy item I need to move to the basement that I can’t do alone.

I ordered what looked like a perfect work table for that corner: Seville Classics Commercial Stainless Steel Top Worktable. But when it arrived I discovered that the legs, which in the pictures appear to be standard 1″ posts like the rest of my wire shelving, are 2″ diameter. Which means it is adjustable like the rest of the stuff I have, but does not interoperate with the rest of the stuff I have.

I sent it back.

Not sure now what I will do for a work table in that corner, but I know it won’t be that: it was cheaply made and overpriced. Which I was willing to overlook for the added utility of being able to for instance add shelves and drawers using standard parts. But since it won’t interoperate, I might as well get a better-made table for the same price or an as-well-made table for cheaper.

But that’s not what this update is really about.

This update is really about the danger of “We’ve always done it that way.”

As I said, I have these overhead cabinets that have an inaccessible blind corner. I’ve thought about replacing those cabinets with something less inefficient. But these cabinets were not commercially made. They were made by someone’s brother-in-law in the 50s. I’d basically have to replace all the cabinets or have one horribly out of place cabinet.  Not happening.

And the cabinet over the sink is full of The Good China (which hardly ever gets used), so that cabinet is basically dead as well….


You haven’t lived in this kitchen for 20 years. You don’t have two decades of “It’s always been that way” clouding your vision. You can immediately see the solution to both of these issues. Me, it took a few months of thinking and looking at the stuff to put two and two together.

So I’m moving The Good China to the blind corner.

On the way it’s getting washed and packed into grunge-proof packaging. because without a vent hood over the stove, everything in the cabinets—especially up high—gets coated in gunge at alarming speed.

Not sure what will be going into the cabinet thus freed up. That’s a question for another day.


A guy in his early 50s, living more or less alone in a 90-year-old house, trying to keep it all together.

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