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At some point during the last year, I pulled the dryer out of its spot because the vent hose kept coming off the back. I discovered that this was due to the fact that the vent hose was totally clogged

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Book Review

Long ago, I read a book about home ownership and repair called The Walls Around Us: The Thinking Person’s Guide to How a House Works by David Owen. I didn’t really think about it until this morning, but this blog

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Toolsday: Sugru

A tool is a thing for helping you put things together, take things apart, and measure things. Adhesives, lubricants, penetrating oil, tape, solvents…these are all tools, just as useful and important as a screwdriver or a hammer. One of my

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Wireless Babylon

There’s a lot of signals potentially going through my head. The Internet Of Things™: WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, to say nothing of more traditional radio-controlled junk…there’s potentially a lot going on in the airwaves of my house. And that doesn’t even

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Toolsday: If I Had A Hammer

I know. I said you should just buy a regular ‘ol hammer. But there are in fact a few hammers (and things like hammers) you could own besides a regular ol’ claw hammer. First of course is in fact the

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Work, my mechanical minions!

I’m a big fan of not doing housework. I have a couple of robots that support me in this: The first is my trusty Scooba, Jacques. Jacques is a rescue pet. Someone was offering him up for free on Freecycle,

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Update: The mixing valve

When the mixing valve fiasco was finished, I knew—deep in my heart—that it was a temporary fix. Really, everything is temporary. But I knew the goo I used was not going to last as long as “real” plumbing. Late in

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