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Toolsday: Tape 2

Duct Tape. I hate duct tape. I think that means I have to turn in my geek card or something, but there it is. There are very very few tasks for which it is the right job. Certainly not for

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Toolsday: On Tape

There are many different kinds of tape. Because people use tape for many many different things. Knowing what you want to do with tape is the key to using the right tape. Are you trying to hold something together? Or

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Toolsday: My Mechanical Screwdriver

It’s not what you would call a basic tool, but I have a mechanical screwdriver. It’s more or less my favorite tool. The Spec Tools Overdriver is like a ratchet screwdriver’s smarter sister. It will work like a regular ratchet

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The Cellar Door

I have a redwood deck. By which I mean I have a deck, made of wood, that someone painted red. It’s not large. Or very useful. It’s most distinguishing feature is that is makes access to the outside door to

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Toolsday: Only the parts you want to keep

I’m sure it says something deep and meaningful about me that it’s taken me this long to get around to one of the most important tools out there: Protective gear. Partly because I (like most people) tend to be a

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Toolsday: Size Matters

Measure twice, cut once. A measuring tape is an indispensable tool. A good measuring tape is a joy to use. There are a lot of crappy measuring tapes. You should be using your measuring tape on almost every project. I

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Roof Rodents

A while back, I was up in the attic and heard what sounded like a creature of some kind skittering around on the roof. Except louder. And the cats were suddenly finding the ceiling absolutely fascinating. A few days later

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